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30 Days of Inspiration

13 Oct

So, I sometimes meander over to Steve Pavlina’s blog because I find him to be an interesting person, even if I don’t always agree with him.  Yesterday, sort of looking for something completely different, I found this article, entitled 30 Days of Inspiration, in which he talks about how he decided that he was going to do only what he felt inspired do: “I’m not scheduling anything at all, unless the inspiration to schedule something hits me.” While he writes about how much fun it is and how productive he feels (in one bit he says how he came up with an idea to sell a consultation on ebay and then, instead of writing it down in his notebook and then filing it away to do later, he just did it right that second, and a few hours later, the bid was up to $1,000 and in almost no time, he was giving that session and collecting a large sum of money. If he had waited, he might have talked himself out of the idea and then denied himself all that money…I can see his point), he then writes about how fearful he is to act on impulse because “some things can’t be undone. By day 30 I’ll have probably done at least a few things that will make it impossible to restore my life to essentially where it was on day one.” And if you are only doing positive things that are bettering your life, like earning $1,000 and adding a new aspect of business to your life, great. If it means cutting old relationships from your life, randomly, quickly, I could see that in awhile, maybe even the next day, you might regret it. Or maybe that’s best for everyone. You don’t know and because you aren’t mulling it over, you just have to accept whatever the consequences. Which, of course, scares me as much as it seems to be scaring him.

I feel that I do live much of my life like this already…Steve has a business, a wife (now ex-wife), a girlfriend, and a child, so a lot of his life has to be mapped out in order to be reliable to himself and others that depend on him, so I think it is a bigger leap for him. For me, I already look at something that interests me and, usually pretty quickly, act on it. Sure, it took me a month to move from Edinburgh to London, and I did wiggle back and forth on whether it was the right thing for me, but ultimately I followed my original inspiration. What Steve is suggesting, or rather, what he did do for 30 days, is that you don’t spend the time rehashing the pros and cons. You just go with your intuition and you learn to trust yourself. Because, what is best for you in the long run might have some nasty short-term effects, but I have to say, maybe it is better to get a big lump of suffering out of the way, rather than prolonging your pain for a long time at a “manageable” level.

But I don’t really want to focus on the negative, because Steve, despite his fears that it will be a big, scary thing, seems to be having mostly positive results, where people are more generous, happier to help, and the universe seems to be smiling on him. Or maybe he, like me, just is hyper-aware of the good things and less aware of the annoying moments in life. He talks about when he gets hungry while shopping and is inspired to get a slice of pizza, then thinks, oh, wouldn’t a whole pizza be nice, but I don’t want to wait the 30 minutes for them to cook it, and BAM, at the counter the guy is bringing out an entire pizza, with the toppings he wants, from the oven. Maybe other people wouldn’t notice that, maybe everyone gets this sort of good luck, but I would notice it and be happy about it.

So…I am interested in giving this a try. I am starting today, but with a few caveats: I already have a really large event coming up that I planned for: a week in California for Halloween with friends. This involves planning out my Halloween costume, planning on going to some parties, planning on seeing certain friends. Of course, one could cheekily argue, I randomly bought the plane ticket on a whim after an invitation to stay with a friend.

Also, in a new spin on my very solitary, very, shall we say, self-centered life, I have a dog now. A really great dog who is loveable and cute and non-demanding dog, but a pet nonetheless that needs to be walked and fed regularly and on a routine. I suppose Steve doesn’t necessarily feel inspired to wake up at 3 am if his son is sick, anymore than I feel inspired to let my dog outside when she licks my face at 6 am, but I think I can cope. After all, when I get inspired to take a three-hour walk in the woods on a sunny day, she’ll have no reservations about joining me.

I actually already started because I felt inspired to write a post about this. And normally, I blog in a little program on my computer, leave it for a few hours at least, but usually much longer, while I think about whether I am happy with posting it. But I am just blogging straight from WordPress today after waking up feeling like this was a good way to start the day. So here we go, Day One. I kind of hope it does irrevocably change my life…

I have a definite feeling that she just had an inspirational moment...


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